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We have the opportunity to create the world we want to live in, a world in which all children are worth saving.

Our purpose is to promote raising healthy, happy and respected children, because all lives are of equal value.

Point of Difference Organization aspires to inspire before we expire. We live to serve and improve the lives of people and animals around us.

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Meet the Children

Herewith follows the number and ages of the children currently at Boikanyo Home for Disabled Children. The number of children is frequently changing as some children have parents that keep them home from time to time and new children join if funds permit. The parents are most often than not also in a disadvantaged position and not able to contribute financially.

3 boys age 9 years, 7 boys ages 13, 2 boys ages 20, 12 boys between 9 and 20 years of age

1 girl age 3 years, 5 girls age 12, 3 girls age 18, 3 girls age 20, 12 girls between 3 and 20 years of age

Twenty four children who are mentally or physically disabled have nowhere else to go. Orphaned or separated by society; they have found love in this shelter, which was started by one dynamic woman who had no financial aid.

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